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Lily of the vally


Lovers Lament

Silently weeping, a lovers lament
the warm scent of summer is on the wane
the chill of autumn I now feel in my heart
oblivious to those I love, lost in my own misery
don’t do it again, regrets yes, unforgiving yes
make amends and smile…
©Carole 2012



I Jigsaw

There’s a part of me that still loves you
and there’s a part of me that don’t,
there’s a part of me that still wants to,
but there’s a part of me that wont,
there’s a part of me that needs to be,
connected to the rest of me,
but that’s the part of me, that for my own sanity,
Will Never, Will Not, Wont…
©Carole 2011

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Lipstick on your collar?
Or lipstick on your face?
Lies behind the eye’s that love me,
are the eye’s I can not face…
you have taken me to hell and back,
with your indecision, such a sad lack of vision,
to see the future with me…
I hope you will find what you are looking for and more…
We were good while it lasted, I know that for a fact…
“But my love” please think in future, think before you act…
Saying “I love you” should not be just said,
To Be Continued…
© Carole 2010


What is a Hug?


Trying to find a “hug that makes sense,” is a bit of a bug for Me..
But cross my heart and hope to die, “I dont know why.”
If hugs mean anything, then surely I would know,
“Wouldn’t I?”
Dimly lit and full of tears my eyes are now,
the “hugs” I give are from all of me and I really need one now,
it has to be an honest one, that will make me feel the same,
snuggle in love, or snuggle with friend, it’s all the same in the end………..
A hug is a hug and yes it’s a bug, additive as we all are, to the feel of another…
©Carole 2009


Fruit Of The Womb…


The future is our fruit of the womb,
“Please don’t let them be consumed…”
Integrated, relegated, “can I have my own room?”
freedom isn’t an option for our children today,
tomorrow it maybe, tomorrow they might play,
as we came home mucky faced
“have you had a good day”
“yes mum we were pirates”
love you mum whats for tea…
© Carole 2009



What is Love?


“Love.” How would you define it?
I would really like to know…
You can’t actually touch “Love…” But you can feel it…
It will hurt you… But you cant hurt it back…
You can see “Love” all around, but it doesn’t see you…
It’s not a tangible thing, but it can cut you in two…
Just like a knife, now there’s no me and you…
To me there is no I in We, or in Couple,
There is in pair though, “if your a sock…”
Thank you and good night… xxx
© Carole 2009