After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x

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Cold Blooded, Cold Hearted and Nude

What then ensued?
a childhood forgotten?
an adult un-glued?
a life filled with heart ache
no clues to be found
when dad took his pleasure
mum wasn’t around…
©Carole 2012



I Can’t, Yes I Can…

I can’t tell you where I’m going
I can tell you where I’ve been
I’ve been living such a sad life
and the pain has gone unseen
I’m looking to the future now
I want to live the dream
the then and now
and whats gone in between
makes only me culpable
if you see what mean…
©Carole 2012

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Facebook Demons…

I’m keeping an eye on those who do spy
and those people I’ll try to detect
but give me a break, what will it take
this responsibility, you can’t deflect
I would go to gaol, for those parents that fail
to instill the dangers and protect…
©Carole 2012

You will notice no pictures here and that’s my point!

Lily of the vally


Lovers Lament

Silently weeping, a lovers lament
the warm scent of summer is on the wane
the chill of autumn I now feel in my heart
oblivious to those I love, lost in my own misery
don’t do it again, regrets yes, unforgiving yes
make amends and smile…
©Carole 2012

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From a drunken conversation I over heard in a pub

Can I av a werd mate…..?
stop eyein up me bird mate
dats er over dir
do I av to translate…
ya don’t understand mate
am juss tryin t watch da band mate
an yer birds got hir dats all dir
an she’s skewin up me view mate…
yer boss mate yer wanna pint…. mate?
His imaginary affair?
©Carole 2012

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Huge Baps For Dinner

Serve up huge baps for dinner,
they’re always a winner,
especially on valentine’s day,
he’s bound to go gooie and then he’ll get cooie
what will happen next…..?
Ooh I wouldn’t like to say,
but go for it girl, whoopa hip-hip hooray!!!!
©Carole 2012

A few poetic licenses were hurt in the writing of this poem…. “But they liked it”


I’ve Been At It All Day…

I’ve been at it all day and can I just say
” $#%#, $#%#, $#%#, $#%#
Changing themes, isn’t easy it seems
taking things out, fiddling about
with borders, featured pictures and things
so I’m off to bed, yes that’s what I said
because tomorrow’s another new day.
©Carole 2012