After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x

I’ve Been At It All Day…


I’ve been at it all day and can I just say
” $#%#, $#%#, $#%#, $#%#
Changing themes, isn’t easy it seems
taking things out, fiddling about
with borders, featured pictures and things
so I’m off to bed, yes that’s what I said
because tomorrow’s another new day.
©Carole 2012


5 thoughts on “I’ve Been At It All Day…

  1. I would rather have your old theme, sorry 😦

  2. Do you think so Harry x I’m just trying to to do a new come back thingy, I haven’t been here for the longest of time and so far it isn’t working,so much has changed. I’ve been trying out loads of new themes and I’m still drawn to the old one, teaching an old dog and all that lol xxx Ta for saying and confirming… xxx

  3. I like the current theme, although I haven’t seen the old one to compare it to.

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