After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x

What is a Hug?



Trying to find a “hug that makes sense,” is a bit of a bug for Me..
But cross my heart and hope to die, “I dont know why.”
If hugs mean anything, then surely I would know,
“Wouldn’t I?”
Dimly lit and full of tears my eyes are now,
the “hugs” I give are from all of me and I really need one now,
it has to be an honest one, that will make me feel the same,
snuggle in love, or snuggle with friend, it’s all the same in the end………..
A hug is a hug and yes it’s a bug, additive as we all are, to the feel of another…
©Carole 2009

2 thoughts on “What is a Hug?

  1. really cute…

    want to read more..

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