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Fruit Of The Womb…



The future is our fruit of the womb,
“Please don’t let them be consumed…”
Integrated, relegated, “can I have my own room?”
freedom isn’t an option for our children today,
tomorrow it maybe, tomorrow they might play,
as we came home mucky faced
“have you had a good day”
“yes mum we were pirates”
love you mum whats for tea…
© Carole 2009



6 thoughts on “Fruit Of The Womb…

  1. It’s just not the same these days…

    When I was a kid – I left first thing in the morning and wasn’t seen ’till tea time and no one thought a thing about it – I was being a child and assumed ‘safe’ by virtue of that alone…


    We ‘schedule’ – ‘enroll’ – ‘regulate’ our children until they have no room left to be the children they are and should be.



  2. I rather like that title. 😛

  3. imagination..

  4. To M.L. I was the same, we had the freedom to grow, because we had the community around us, saying that, you did something wrong “as all kids do” your mum and dad knew about it lol…

  5. Charles, I thought you would…xx

  6. To shraddha, I love that you like my words…xxx

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