After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x

Out to shock…


That is not me, honestly,
I write how I feel, I write what I see,
I have my opinions as you all are aware,
but “sometimes,” I do shock,
“sometimes” I do scare,
I’m sorry, if “sometimes” I am unaware…
© Carole 2009

But you know what, sometimes I really don’t care…


5 thoughts on “Out to shock…

  1. Honesty is always the best policy, I find.

  2. It is, but there will alway’s be people who cant handle it…

    Thanks Anthony… xxx

  3. The entire point of writing is to instill thought. In my opinion. I know I have shocked more than my share of people and administrations. After 9 profiles on Myspace I finally told them “It’s not so much about the freedom of my expression, but the lack of you to exercise the freedom of your education.” I also told Photobucket that after they deleted 3 of my Renaissance painting. Jerks.

  4. Good on you Charles, I for one love your poetry and all the pictures you show, but then I like to look at beautiful women, I also like vintage Erotica and there will be a few more shocked people when my “more mature” blog get’s going lmao… xxx

  5. i love it…..right on buddy…

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