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Silent Well…


There’s a “silent well” at the bottom of my garden,
it’s for all my broken thoughts,
I collect them up each evening and down the path I go…
Without a sound, I sit and linger, my fingers in the pond
and for a while I ponder before I go beyond…
I ponder on the day I’ve had, as I watch the fish go round,
in their small world of water, they don’t make a sound…
As I look up at the vastness and the twinkling of the stars,
I’m reminded of the beauty, the beauty all around…
My thoughts don’t seem so broken now and I hesitate,
I think I shall now go to bed, my “silent well” can wait…
©Carole 2009



4 thoughts on “Silent Well…

  1. Thank you izaakmak… hugs x

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