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House Call…


I’m waiting for the doctor, “you know” the sexy one,
I have a pain just here and here and a soreness in my thumb,
I feel a little faint I fear and I may well need a trolley,
or maybe I just need the “kiss of life,”
from “sex on legs” Hugh Laurie…
©Carole 2009


9 thoughts on “House Call…

  1. I need a prostate examine from natalie portman. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha “what are you like…” hugs xxx

  3. My Hero! When I grow up… :mrgreen:

  4. Hugh Laurie is a master actor. I love House! 😀

    Holy crap, we have something in common! Haha; I want to be a doctor when I…for lack of a better word…grow up, so House is definitely my role model.

  5. *whistles twice*
    First one is for Hugh, for obvious reasons.
    Second one is for this little poem, it’s brilliant! (:

  6. Yeah, he’s hot. Thanks for the comment in the forums. You’ve got a subscriber.

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