After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x


From Here to Maternity…


She’s only 14, not a strange thing to see,
but a child with her own child upon her knee?

Mate’s will desert you,
and you’ll have to Ern,

And what you find in their nappies,
well that’s just down right Ity

©Carole 2009

I’ve been there and I know, the Ity in the nappies is bad lol, so leave it for a few years…


3 thoughts on “From Here to Maternity…

  1. Amazing wordplay, Carole!! 🙂 A child of 14 with her own child up her knee? Sounds overwhelming!

  2. It’s a fact of life though, it’s the way it is, if i can reach one young girl and boy with my poem, if the “Ity” makes them think “Oh no not yet” then I will be happy…

  3. Thats a lovely thought Carole … Good work! 🙂

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