After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x

Hang over…



Naughty naughty Scottish whiskey,
If I drink you, I’ll get frisky,
Be away now, don’t cause trouble,
Oh go on then “mines a double”

”Oh my, oh my” my banging head,
OMG! who’s in my bed………..?
©Carole 2009



5 thoughts on “Hang over…

  1. nice one!!! u made it rightor did u copy it (joking)

  2. OMG!


    This was such a wonderful giggle to come home to after work.

    I love my whisky – I can feel a great amount of sympathy for your character!


  3. ha ha ha.
    well i know what to get you on the fist date. lol

  4. To wordsweneversaid, I’m glad it made you giggle lol… Hugs x

    To Charles, lmao, where are we going on this first date, Should I come to you or will you come here lol… Hugs xxx

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