After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world… Enjoy x

Friends with Benefits…


Fingers punching little buttons,
Known to friends as “a text,”
Hows your day been?
It’s been good hun,
How’ about a little sex?
©Carole 2009 


5 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits…

  1. I had a friend like that….in the end everything went wrong, now we dont speak to each other ant more.


  2. It’s nearly always the way, unless you can stand outside your own self then it wont work…. Just my own observation lol…

    Thanks for your imput hun x

  3. Yeah, it doesn’t work. Oh that it did . . .

  4. Ok you made me laugh. lol Seriously though… Have pick up lines actually come to this? I mean if is cell phone sex the next cyber sex. I guess you could just have sex about any where. Not that I ever let that stop me. lol

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